What’s a nice thing you can do for people in your life today?

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our families. We watch their dance recital, laugh at their jokes and put up with erratic behaviour. Sometimes we even clean out the garage. But if you actually want to do something really useful for your family, you might want to think about protecting their financial future. Be it … Continue reading What’s a nice thing you can do for people in your life today?

8 Ridiculous Celebrity Insurance Policies

Celebrity insurance can get just plain weird. Specialised cars, exclusive homes, private planes are not things the “average Joe” has to worry about, and the average insurance company has to cover. But the real weirdness happens when actors, actresses, and sports heroes start to get specific with their coverage. Really specific. Down to the finger, … Continue reading 8 Ridiculous Celebrity Insurance Policies

Advantages of using a Business Consultant

Why should you hire a Business Consultant? Purchasing an insurance policy for you home or business can be confusing and overwhelming but with a professional Consultant like myself, you’ll get the much required guidance and help to choose the right coverage. I’m associated with a top insurance provider and have in-depth knowledge of the industry. … Continue reading Advantages of using a Business Consultant

Testimonial: My fight with Cancer

The Miller family Christine Miller has been married for 15 years. Christine and husband Damien have 2 girls — Rose and Natalie.  The Story Told by Christine Miller. Shortly after having our second daughter, Natalie, my husband and I were introduced to financial life planning. I was suggested to take out an Income Protection policy … Continue reading Testimonial: My fight with Cancer

A Guide to Income Protection Insurance

What do I need to know? My goal is to help you find the best Income Protection Policy. Both good and bad headlines about Income Protection have dominated the news. It's important to look into the benefits of Income Protection and help clear the air. Income Protection is one of the least used types of … Continue reading A Guide to Income Protection Insurance