Testimonial: My fight with Cancer

The Miller family

Christine Miller has been married for 15 years. Christine and husband Damien have 2 girls — Rose and Natalie. 

The Story

Told by Christine Miller.

Shortly after having our second daughter, Natalie, my husband and I were introduced to financial life planning. I was suggested to take out an Income Protection policy to help cover our expenses in case I wasn’t fit to work due to an illness or accident. At the time I remember thinking that even though this was a great security to have, I would never be needing it. My health is great and I’m so dedicated to my work. Life has a funny way of surprising you when you least expect it.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 2017. The diagnosis was actually made during an habitual mammogram. I had absolutely no symptoms nor pain or lumps. The news just simply came out of nowhere.

My husband and kids were all devastated. All of a sudden there was this new monster in my life and I didn’t quite know how to deal with it. 

Besides worrying about my health, there was something very important that I couldn’t ignore — the mortgage on our newly bought house. There was just no way my husband could afford paying it on his own with his part-time job. This is where the Income Protection policy came in as a massive help. 

The monthly insurance payment guaranteed that the family expenses and mortgage payments could continue to be met even though I was not working. This gave me some peace of mind to help focus on my treatment and recovery. 

The payout also helped allow Damien to have more time off to look after me while I was being treated and feeling unwell. I had to go through so much — It started with a lumpectomy, then I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and after three solid weeks of radiotherapy. I don’t know what I would have done without my husband by my side. 

Eventually the treatments started taking effect and I began recovering, even against all the odds and with the pain I was going through, I was getting better. When I received the news that I was completely in remission it’s was like I had been born again. We even made sure to take a short celebratory family holiday to Greece. I still can’t believe to this day how lucky I am to have my family and the fact that I am still with them. 

The Income Protection insurance allowed me and my family to carry on even in the toughest time we had ever gone though. I am now healthier than ever and back to work. We don’t think about unexpected diseases such as breast cancer but when they do happen, it’s so incredible how the right insurance policy can make all the difference in the world. 

Just take a moment to think about this; What if your most recent pay check was your last? How would you carry on after that?

Christine Miller

Income Protection insurance will help life carry on even after a fight with Cancer. To enquire about this vital coverage contact me, Anthony Paul to get the best advice for you.

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