8 Ridiculous Celebrity Insurance Policies

Celebrity insurance can get just plain weird. Specialised cars, exclusive homes, private planes are not things the “average Joe” has to worry about, and the average insurance company has to cover. But the real weirdness happens when actors, actresses, and sports heroes start to get specific with their coverage. Really specific. Down to the finger, in fact. 

Some of these policies are taken out by the celebrity to insure future income after an injury or illness. Some are taken out by the companies that profit from celebrity endorsements. All are worth a laugh or two.

Protect the Golden Cow!

Nobody wants to lose a rainmaker. That’s why companies take out insurance on the celebrities that make their brands shine. But things can get strange very quickly when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of celebrity coverage. These are a few of the most ridiculous celebrity endorsements around.

1. Troy Polamalu’s Hair

Yes, you read that right. Not the legs or the shoulders or the hands, but the football player’s hair. Shampoo maker Proctor & Gamble insured this Steeler’s curly Samoan locks for £800,000, after he signed an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders. He hasn’t cut his hair in over ten years, and with a price tag like that, he probably won’t go near a barber anytime soon.

2. Heidi Klum’s Legs

When she started modelling her legs for Epilady, razor brand Braun reportedly took out a policy for £1.3 million. But that’s not the strangest tidbit. One of her legs is insured for £155,000 more than the other, because of a small scar on the left. She says that since the initial policy was instated, the amount of coverage has risen to £1.6 million.

3. America Ferrera’s Smile

Aquafresh saw a lot of potential in America Ferrera’s gleaming teeth. They expected to make so much profit from her celebrity endorsement that they insured her smile for £7.7 million, in part to raise money for a charity called Smiles for Success. That’s a pretty good reason to smile.

Yes, I’m Worth It.

When celebrities insure themselves, they take into account what their most lucrative assets really are. Some of their choices may surprise you, while others make perfect sense. 

4. Mariah Carey’s Legs

If Heidi Klum thought her legs were valuable, she had nothing on Mariah Carey. After signing a deal with Gillette, the singer took out £780 million in coverage on her legs. Her people reported that it was necessary because she was about to start another big tour, and her popularity made that investment necessary.

5. David Beckham’s Whole Body

How much is one football player worth? In 2004, Beckham was billed as the highest paid player in history, between salary and endorsement deals. Maybe that’s why the internationally-renowned footballer took out the largest personal insurance policy in sports history, namely £153 million, on his own body. It insured against injury, illness, and disfigurement.

6. Keith Richards’ Middle Finger

Not the whole hand, but one middle finger was insured for £1.2 million. That’s what happens when you’re a guitar genius – you play favourites with your fingers.

7. Dolly Parton’s Breasts

This one may sound strange, but it probably isn’t terribly surprising. After all, besides an iconic career and a huge canon of classic country hits, the singer is best known for her incurable bounce. There might be a bit of sticker shock though, when you read the price tag: £3 million for the pair.

8. Jennifer Lopez’s Butt

Sometimes you don’t get to choose what makes the money. In JLo’s case, her singing and acting career has been immeasurably helped along by a famous rear end. How much is a golden booty worth these days? Apparently, around £21 million. How much is your butt worth?

You might not need to be as specific with your Insurance policy but I’ll make sure it’s the right one for you. As a Business Consultant I offer a  free quote  and will devote my best to ensure you get the right cover for your needs. Get in touch today with me, Anthony Paul for your best options.

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