5 Things You CAN Live Without (Simplify your life)

The last decade has forced us to make hard choices — after all the global financial crisis has affected us in more ways than we imagine. We’ve begun cutting back and some have found that lifestyle deflation isn’t such a bad thing. Instead of showing off the latest gadgets, many of us are telling everyone how savvy we’ve become at finding good deals!

But even as we cut back selling items to bring in cash or refraining from buying some creature conforms, there are some things that we think we can’t live without, but we actually can. They are things you have a hard time living without but I can show you how you absolutely can!

  1. Your car

Do you think your car is an essential commodity in your life? If you aren’t willing to give up your four wheeled best friend, consider toning down how much you use it. Consider cycling to work, the supermarket, the local coffee shop or to your friend’s house. It doesn’t just save you money but also helps you get more exercise. If biking isn’t your cup of tea, consider a run or a walk instead. Physical activities are scientifically proven to raise our dopamine and serotonin levels, putting us in a happier mood. Cars don’t make use happier or more fit, they simply can take us from point A to point B; while also emitting greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming. Think about that!

  1. Meat

Have you ever stopped to think about how easy it is to eat meat whenever you feel like it? You go out and buy it. Now think about back in the days when you’d actually have to breed, feed and slaughter your own animals to eat their meat. Besides the fact that consuming meat has become an unfortunate perpetrator of mass farming, it is also unsustainable for our planet. In fact, on average, going vegetarian for one year saves 1,609 lbs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and 202 animals from being killed. Not only does the meat industry have a large impact environmentally but on our bodies as well. Those who consume a vegetarian diet are much less likely to develop serious diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

  1. Magazine / Newspaper subscriptions

Print media are filled with advertisements telling us that the new and improved version of our old cotton t-shirt  will make us marathon runners. They are also filled with photos of unrealistic expectations for our body and lifestyle and can contribute to feelings of dissatisfaction with the things we are blessed to have in our lives. Ditching the celebrity gossip and fitness fads and picking up a book worthier of our time is not only better for our minds but also for the planet. Help to save the wasted paper that millions of newspapers and magazines published annually creates; save your subscription money and go buy a book instead.

  1. Technology in the bedroom

Keeping phones and televisions out of our bedrooms can do miracles for our sleeping patterns. Longer, deeper and more uninterrupted sleep will lead you to a better day to follow. The small amount of light that comes from our smartphones — even with the brightness on a dim setting — passes through our retinas into our hypothalamus, they part of our brain in charge of most sleeping activity. This delays the release of the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin. If technology is out of sight and out of mind, hopefully it will help you to reduce the amount of time spent on your phone and watching TV during the day time as well.

  1. Old not used belongings

If we haven’t worn a sweater or pair of jeans in over two years, it’s likely that we won’t be ever wearing it again. Unfortunately the same goes for the boxes of your university belongings sitting in the attic. If you don’t use something regularly, then get rid of it! Ever seen those TV shows about hoarding? If you haven’t — one episode will make you want to get rid of half of your belongings immediately. I’m not saying you need to go to extremes here, but at least regularly getting rid of items you don’t use will help to simplify your habitat, your life. 

These being said, there’s one essential thing that we think we can live without but really, it’s indispensable; Life cover. Parents and business owners — anyone who has people dependent on them financially either at home or work — can benefit from the unique advantages of Life Insurance.

In summary, Life insurance serves two key financial functions. First, it’s a tool for prepaying for immediate expenses needed soon after the time of a person’s death. Second, it’s a way to generate substantial investment capital to produce future income, to replace income that an insured person would have been providing if they had not passed. To determine if and how much Life insurance is appropriate for you, I Anthony Paul, your Business Consultant, can help with the most important questions. I offer a  free quote  and will devote my best to ensure you get the right cover for your needs. Get in touch today with me for your best options. 

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