Testimonial: Life will carry on

The Story

Told by Olivia Taylor, James’ wife;

James was a healthy, dedicated family man who was very active. He exercised all the time.

One day James was running a 5k marathon and he’d asked me to go pick him up after the race. Before getting there, my father in law, Dale, called me to say that James had collapsed. In my mind I assumed he was dehydrated.

Dale called back soon after desperately whaling on the phone; James is dead.

The first thought running through my mind were my kids, I just kept saying; this isn’t happening, it’s not possible! The doctor told me… I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t save him.

The doctor later told me he had suffered from a Cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac death is most often due to existing cardiovascular disease that is largely unrelated to the extent of physical conditioning. In many other cases, the victims never had any previous problems or symptoms.

“He was so healthy. He crossed the finish life, collapsed and died. Never in a million years did I imagine this could happen to James.”

Olivia Taylor, Widow

The Life Insurance Policy

Thankfully Olivia did not have to worry financially; everything would be taken care of.

When James was 22 he opted to buy a Whole Life Policy. Then when James and Olivia got married they were advised to buy Term Insurance. If anything was to happen, Olivia would be able to have an income permit.

“The Life Insurance has allowed me to move forward in life. It has helped me figure out how to carry on without James. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”


Life insurance is very important; you never know until a loved one is gone how important it truly is. It will take care of your family.

Olivia said the hardest part for her was knowing that the love of her life was never coming home. “But the reality is that everything else stayed the same,” she said. “The paychecks stopped immediately, but I still had to keep the lights on, buy food, pay the mortgage and take care of the kids. Having life insurance meant I didn’t have to make any immediate decisions or sell the house.”

“The life insurance saved us — and it still does today,” Olivia said.

Life Insurance won’t bring your loved one back but it will help life carry on. To enquire about this vital coverage contact me Anthony Paul to get the best advice for you.

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