Testimonial: Touching on Family

The Acton family


Told by Joseph, Karen’s husband.

When Karen was a young single woman in her 20’s her goal had always been to have a family one day. She knew the importance of saving for retirement, even in those early days.

When she got into her career as a medical professional, she was ready to finally start planning for the future. After meeting with Business Consultant ‘Anthony Paul’ she decided to buy a permanent life insurance policy. This type of insurance provided the life cover she was after.

“Karen was the type of person who always had a smile on her face”, says Joseph. 

Karen met Joseph while on holiday in summer and soon after they got married. They both loved the outdoors. She and husband Joseph decided to move out into the countryside to be able to enjoy it more. 

Soon enough they welcomed a son, John, and several years later their first girl, Jessica. 

For Karen the priority was to be with her kids so she dedicated herself as a full time stay-at-home mum. As expenses started rising finances got stretched tighter and tighter until Joseph suggested that they cancel Karen’s policy to save money.. There was a debate wether or not they would even keep the insurance at all.

Karen was determined that they keep it and she was right to do so. They never could have known how this would mark one of those ‘life changing’ decisions. 

Soon after the Acton family received the delightful news that they were expecting another little girl — their third child. After receiving the news they decided to move out closer to where Karen’s parents lived. They ended up selling their house.

Karen went into labour as any other mother would. In the process Karen started haemorrhaging quite profusely and on the way into the Operating Room she went into cardiac arrest. Karen passed away while giving birth to a little baby girl. The shock to the Acton family was immense. 

“It was a ‘bittersweet’ day” claims Joseph.


Joseph praised Karen’s life insurance policy which helped the family in the aftermath of her sudden death. He was required to take a yearlong leave of absence from his job to take care of newborn Leah and the other two who were all younger than 6 and still in diapers. 

Joseph mentions how he was able to focus on his children during this difficult time and thankfully not worry about putting food on the table.

After this life changing experience Joseph has some vital advice for other families; 

“We don’t know how important it is to be prepared until the unexpected happens. You may be averse to the cost of life cover but if you work it into your budget you don’t even realise the money is going out. Take care of life insurance because if needed one day it can take care of you.”

To enquire about this vital coverage contact me Anthony Paul, your Business Consultant to get the best advice for you.

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